Selling Your Land Cruiser


We want to help you sell your Cruiser. Just send us the details and we'll add you to the appropriate page. At some point in the future, we will add a database and the ability for you to upload and change your information but for now, just send us your details and we will add it to the site for you.

We are going to need at lest the following:

Information About You

  • - Your Name
  • - Your Phone Number - if you want this posted
  • - Your Email Address - for people to contact you
  • - Your Location - enough information for people to know how far they are going to have to ship the truck or travel

Information About Your Land Cruiser

  • - The Year and Milage
  • - The Model and Colour
  • - Engine type and size
  • - Transmission and transfercase information
  • - Condition
  • - Details and Specifications
  • - Photos